Dirdy Redzz

DIRDY REDZZ- Born in Washington,D.C. Jan.3,1976. Dirdy Redzz was blessed with the gift of music allready passed by blood with deep rooted family history of singers and musicians. In the early 80’s a new sound traveled from the Bronx,NY and made its way to a young Dirdy Redzz ears called Hip-Hop and Dirdy Redzz never looked back. Crafting his skills at the age of 7yrs old another local sound also caught the attention of Dirdy Redzz, Go-Go. Performing at outside venues and talent shows would be the beginning of a long battle to showcase the many talents of Dirdy Redzz. In 1997 Dirdy Redzz and other local artist united to form a 12 member group called Wicked City and put out the self titled album. still in the game with a aim to reach global listening,Dirdy Redzz is currently working on his solo debut and long awaited album.