Jamahl Harper (born February 7, 1984), better known as Jay Biggz, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. As an infant being raised by a single-mom, Jay moved from S.E. Washington DC, to outside Suitland, MD, before finally settling in Capitol Heights, MD. At the age of 12, along with his mom, Jay found himself moving from the urban surroundings of Capitol Heights to more rural scenery in Clinton, MD, leaving behind friends and the only home he had known his whole life in search of a better living situation. Moving to Clinton gave Jay the positive environment necessary to excel and finish school; however Jay was mostly undecided about his future. His mother encouraged him to continue his education to earn a college degree. Jay made the decision to pursue a 2 year degree instead of attending a university, a decision that would play a heavy influence on his decision to begin rapping.

While attending college, Jay began to free write in between classes, which later evolved into poems and lyrics. Inspired by artists such as Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and Outkast, Jay began to craft metaphorically-based rap songs as an outlet for frustration from dealing with the hardships of life. During a spring break vacation trip to Miami, FL, Jay was introduced to relatives, who at that time were local underground rap artists receiving radio play. At their urging, Jay was invited to a studio session to observe the recording process, and instantly fell in love with music. After being given a beat and with their encouragement, Jay recorded his very first track titled, “The Blitz” with the remainder of time leftover in the session. He would never be the same. After returning to Maryland, Jay began to “push” the song to different friends and associates, leading to an affiliation with Alonzo Mack and his start-up company, Biohazard Productions, where Jay developed his signature style and delivery that he came to be known for amongst his fan base.

After being introduced to LK via his cousin who attended a performance at Capitol City Records, Jay was invited to LK’s studio to begin collaborating on songs which would eventually become the debut Sunset Terr album. Jay’s larger-than-life, yet down-to-earth personality and presence even in the smallest of cameos in LK’s early music videos led to his inclusion in the project of “A Prelude to Sunset Terr” at the insistence of Tilden Dexter and LK. Following the release of the debut album, Jay continued to release material as a solo artist, including 2 mixtapes as part of a series known as “The BlueCard Series”: “Vol. 1: The RE-Liberation” and the follow-up “Vol. 2: No Chains Allowed”. In 2010, after a short fight with cancer, Jay’s mother passed away at the age of 62, which took a big toll on him personally and emotionally, causing him to take a small break from a heavy recording schedule to re-build himself spiritually in Christ. Following returning to recording music, taking into account the sharp contrast in styles and imagery between himself and the other members of Sunset Terr, Jay made the decision to change from his more familiar sound to adapting a more stream-of-consciousness, poetic type of delivery in order to show diversity from his previous solo works and to provide cohesion. The major transformation was put to the test, as the sophomore double-disc album from Sunset Terr, entitled “Sunrize”, saw the debut of a profoundly deep, poetically eloquent “Jaysiatic” (the term coined by Jay himself) persona on Disc One, to combat the braggadocio and overly conceited Jay Biggz on Disc Two, resulting in a lot of generated interest and people waiting to see “what’s Jay gonna do next?” One thing’s for certain: Jay Biggz is talent, the kind which never dies.