LK (Lawrence King) fell in love with Hip Hop at a young age listening to such artist as Run DMC, Dougie Fresh and falling in love with songs like ‘the Message’ by Grand Master Flash in the Furious Five gaining a deep love and appreciation of a sound, a culture and a movement. Years later he began dancing with his cousin and caught the eye of a local rapper by the name of Big O who asked him and his cousin to dance during his performances. “Big O would take us into the studio with him when he recorded and that’s when I started to learn how songs produced.” Every Christmas or birthday LK would beg his parents for a different piece of studio equipment until he had his own recording studio named Tha Attic because it was built upstairs in his parents attic. Soon word got out and LK was producing music for all the local aspiring rapper in the area. While talking to friend and fellow music Producer Dare an idea was devised to combine their studios under the name Nightbreed Entertainment and take the best artist that use each studios and form a hip hop super group named WICKED CITY. The group of artists came together and recorded the self-titled album ‘WICKED CITY’.
WICKED CITY moved into the underground Hip Hop scene doing show all over DC, MD, VA area. “While doing shows we would meet different artist who wanted to perform or just get on the mic and freestyle and that’s when me and Dare got the idea to start throwing our own shows which were headline by Wicked City and soon the HIP HOP Forum was born” . Wicked City eventually disbanded to pursue their own career and the HIP HOP Forum continue to grow so much that we had to move to a better location on U street called ERICO’s. The Hip Hop Forum went on weekly for 3 years and featured the Mic Fight MC battle & Needle Wars DJ Battles.
LK’s musical aspirations came to an halt on a dark Monday night in May 2000 when his younger brother Damion Mikel King was found brutally murdered only two blocks from his home. After his brother was laid to rest, LK put his love for Hip Hop on the backburner and began searching for answers to his brother’s senseless unsolved murder, determined to find those responsible. After months of trying to piece together a puzzle that consisted of rumors, half-truths. uncooperative witnesses and police officers who seemed to be too busy to follow up on leads, LK became frustrated. Determined not to give up, LK went back to the thing he once loved, Hip Hop, and created his first solo album ‘UNSOLVED’. On ‘Unsolved’ LK revealed details of his brothers murder and how it affected him and his family. The 17 track cd was a sober reminder that murder could strike anyone’s family. As interest in Unsolved grew LK saw a need to add visuals to the songs he had create on Unsolved. Frustrated with trying to balance out the budget for the video with what he had imagine for the video LK researched everything he could find about shooting a music video. He shoot 2 gritty videos “You Know Him/Her” and “In My City”. “You Know Him/Her” went on to win DMV’s video of the year award. Unsolved became a therapeutic endeavor which allow him to informed people about his brother murder as well as heal from the loss of his brother.
After ‘UNSOLVED’ LK reconnected with Wicked City member Tilden Dexter and started recording in the studio which had now moved out of his parents Attic and into his own house. “We began working on songs together but it always seem like there was something missing” He found out what that something was when his cousin told him about a rapper named Jay Biggz. Jay came to the studio and we ended up recording “Tha Vibe” which became the seed that sprouted the group made up of LK, Tilden Dexter and Jay Biggz known as SUNSET TERR. The name Sunset Terr comes from the name of the street where LK lived where their first album “A Prelude To Sunset Terr’ was recorded. The combination of LK, Jay Biggz and Tilden Dexter seem to work as SUNSET TERR went on to release 6 singles and 5 videos shot by LK from the album gaining accolades and fans all over. Now the group is back with their ambitions sophomore double album entitled SUNRIZE which is currently buzzing throughout the underground.