The Washington DC Metropolitan area, home of the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals major sports franchises, can now be recognized as a home to a new breed of team, one that is breaking ground in the field of hip-hop. That team is collectively known as Sunset Terr (short for Terrace), derived from the street where a majority of the recording and album production takes place.

Consisting of members: LK, Tilden Dexter, and Jay Biggz, the collective known as Sunset Terr was formed only 3 years ago, however the members have been working together as early as 2005. They released their first album under the name Sunset Terr entitled, “A Prelude To Sunset Terr” in August 2009. spoke very highly of the album, citing: “The three rappers spit joyful self-touting knowledge, reminiscent of De La Soul.”, as well as rating the album 8.5 on a 1 to 10 scale. Sunset Terr released 7 singles and 5 music videos from “APTST” and has gained respect from the hip hop community as well as fans far and near.

Following the success of “APTST” is their new 29-track double album proudly titled “SUNRIZE”, an album composed of 1/2 a jazz meets hip hop fusion and the other 1/2 vintage, golden era hip hop. The first single released from Disc 1 is the intoxicatingly deep “ARCHWAYS” produced by Tilden Dexter. “Archways is just our declaration of freedom and openness.” said Jay Biggz, who develop the concept from studying the living customs of kings from biblical times. The subsequent video for “Archways” was shot at Washington DC landmark Union Station, and displayed the architecturally beautiful arches as a visually stunning backdrop for the song. “Archways” is the opening track on the Jazz/hip hop fusion disc and it sets the tone for what’s to follow” said LK.

So what’s to follow? Well…A soul-stirring, insightful hip hop album that’s open to everyone. Just as the hook to “Archways” says “No doors in my mansion…”, Sunset Terr has manage to remove the doors and let the audience’s ears roam freely through the musical archways, appealing to a broad range of hip hop connoisseurs. “I want the listeners to relive the golden days of hip hop.” said Tilden Dexter. The group cites influences from artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Talib Kweli and Common. You can hear sounds of these inspirations woven throughout the tapestry that is “SUNRIZE”.

So hip-hop artists LK, Tilden Dexter and Jay Biggz are the components of the coalition, Sunset Terr, combining their 3 different styles to form a gumbo of hot flavors and spices to satisfy the taste buds of any hip hopper’s ears. Beginning with their successful debut project, “A Prelude to Sunset Terrace”, and now their new double album project “Sunrize”, Sunset Terr continues to give fans sonically appealing music. Both “A Prelude to SunsetTerr” and “Sunrize” are available now!!!

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