Born Tilden Dexter Corbett, TDexter was born and raised in Washington, DC. At a young age he was inspired by emerging new art form called hip-hop. In middle school he began to etch his imprint on this creative medium through dance when he began performing on stage with his brother Joseph. He later began to explore music side of hip-hop by DJ’ing parties and exploring self expression through hip-hop music production. TDexter later hooked up with Lawrence King, a long-time friend, who he later realized shared his love of this growing medium of expression. After DJ’ing and performing at clubs and shows, they helped to form the rap group, Wicked City.
TDexter later decided to produce a Christian solo CD entitled, Ascension. As the years passed, TDexter joined forces with Lawrence King and Jamahl Harper to form the Hip-hop group, Sunset Terrace. This resulted in 3 years and 3 CD’s of work. Leaning more towards the area of Production, TDexter is responsible for half of the production of, SST’s Sunrize CD. He also produced 2 more Nightbreed Entertainment CD’s which are coming soon (JBigg’s, “Jaysiatic” & CG’s, “Back to the Future”).