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SUNSET TERR – A Prelude To Sunset Terr

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Album Description

The Washington DC Metropolitan area, home of the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals major sports franchises, can now be recognized as a home to a new breed of team, one that is breaking ground in a newly discovered “sport”: hip-hop. That team is collectively known as Sunset Terrace, derived from the street address where a majority of the recording and album production takes place.

Consisting of members: LK, Tilden Dexter, Aapex, and Jay Biggz, the collective known as Sunset Terrace was formed only 2 years ago, however the members have been working together as early as 2005. “LK had been collaborating with Tilden [Dexter] and Aapex since before his ‘Unsolved’ album,” says Jay Biggz, “He did a performance up at Capitol City Records and his cousin told me to speak to him about collab’ing….that was when we did ‘Facts of Life’.” What led to the formation of the powerful, influential entity that became Sunset Terrace was actually a chance opportunity that occurred 2 years later. “Jay was over the house when producer Q-hill came through to play some beats and we were vibing off this one track which later went on to become the song ‘2 Step Vibe’ and we’ve been recording ever since.” says LK.

So what is to be expected of such a group? What will distinguish them from other aspiring groups of the DC Metropolitan area? “For starters, none of us really grew up together or in the same areas like a lot of these other cats out here,” says Jay, “So when you hear us, we don’t really sound alike and you can really tell who’s who vs. them groups where you struggling to remember all their individual names”. Very truthfully said by the native of Clinton, MD by way of Capitol Heights. Meanwhile, Aapex is from Largo Md, and Tilden Dexter and LK are from Washington, DC.

Another major difference to factor in is the contrasting styles of each individual member, a la Wu-Tang Clan. “Some blow with the 44 but I use the mic though, the mo flows the mo dough so forgo the stipo” ~TDexter .

So hip-hop artists LK, Tilden Dexter, Jay Biggz and AAPEX are the components of the coalition, Sunset Terrace, combining their 4 different styles to form a gumbo of hot flavors and spices to satisfy the taste buds of any hip hopper’s ears. Beginning with their debut project, “A Prelude to Sunset Terrace” being released, the DC Metro area now can assert themselves as a viable contender to the championship of hip-hop mecca. “A Prelude to Sunset Terrace” available now!!!

Album Reviews

Sunset Terr :: A Prelude to Sunset Terr :: Nightbreed Entertainment
as reviewed by Eric Sirota

Throughout Sunset Terr’s debut, “A Prelude to Sunset Terr,” this DC Metro hip-hop foursome, comprised of producer/rapper LK and MCs Tilden, Dexter, Jay Biggz, and Aapex, brag about the fact that they don’t curse. I don’t think anything is wrong with cursing. I fucking curse all the time. For no reason. Cock. Nothing’s wrong with swearing. And usually, I wouldn’t take well to this sort of petty moralizing. Just last week, I panned Khalil’s debut for its self-righteous piety. The point is, I should hate this album.

But I don’t hate this album. I like this album. A lot. While I usually am not so into MCs that mostly rap about rapping and how they are much better and nicer and smarter rappers than everyone else, there are a few things about “Prelude” that get me past this b-boy posturing to the point that I actually find it charming. READ MORE


THE BOOMROCKS BY SUNSET TERR from lawrence king on Vimeo.

THE P.I.F.F INTRO BY SUNSET TERR from lawrence king on Vimeo.

WHERE U AT? BY SUNSET TERR from lawrence king on Vimeo.

SUNSET TERR – DYNOMITE (Official) from lawrence king on Vimeo.

SUNSET TERR – NOW WHO’S GUTTA from lawrence king on Vimeo.